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New Best Buy(referred to as Newbby) is a hardware jewelry studio located in Guangzhou, China, focusing on integrating international fashion elements and cutting-edge fashion design concepts to produce high-quality hardware jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. With many years of production experience and superb craftsmanship and processing capabilities, we are committed to providing customers with excellent quality. Let customers from all over the world easily buy their favorite accessories.

Newbby's team comprises experienced designers, quality control engineers, and production personnel. It always takes customers as the center, adhering to the service concept of "integrity, professionalism, and efficiency," and provides customers with a full range of services and support. We promise to meet customers' needs regarding product quality, delivery time, and after-sales service. A reputation based on customer satisfaction and trust is our precious wealth.

From raw materials and style design to market sales, Newbby can better control the quality and cost of products without the interference of intermediaries. This also allows us to offer competitive prices while maintaining product quality and reliability.

Newbby provides you with cost-effective civilian consumer products. We are committed to ensuring that our jewelry pieces have minimal differences in appearance compared to genuine high-end brands. The quality of our products has won the trust of most customers, we welcome friends to choose, and we look forward to providing you with value-added services!


Our mission is to provide high-quality products and services and establish long-term, trusted relationships. We firmly believe that honest, transparent, and responsible business practices are essential to earning customer trust and respect.


We always prioritize our customers' needs and satisfaction, providing personalized services and customized products. We continually improve and optimize our services to ensure customers get the best shopping experience and maximum value.


We believe that jewelry is not just a decoration but a lifestyle and attitude. Our products not only focus on beauty and fashion but also on quality and affordability, bringing customers a better and more exciting life.